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This Weekend: PAX. Prime. 2012.

Yay PAX! via

PAX! 60,000 + nerds are invading my city yet AGAIN. I have retained my tiny yet awesome apartment that happens to be blocks from the con, so that’s nice. I only recently realized that neither of our site editors nor any video game writers will be at PAX this year, so it looks like it’s up to me and our convention photography ninja David. You guys care about experimental story games and like, random stuff I buy, right? Awesome, you’re going to love my PAX coverage. [One of our board game fellas, Hectarion, will also be kicking about the con, checking out cool stuff as well. -Ed.]

I’m involved in the con this year, which is exciting. I’m doing a late-addition panel called D&D vs. Story Games Friday night at 8 p.m. at the Red Lion, a Queers in Gaming panel, and some workshops. Otherwise, I’ll be cruising the show floor, playing some board games, and hopefully a story game or two. I’m going to try to make it to the PAX Women’s Meetup Brunch on Sunday morning again this year.

I might grab a copy of the new Iron Kingdoms RPG, as I really like the world of Warmachine and I’ve heard good things about the new game. Looks like they’ll have some con exclusive minis at PAX as well.

As far as programming, a lot of local companies and writers I like are doing some panels that I want to check out. Some of the Paizo guys are doing some interesting panels. Erik Mona is on my D&D vs. Story Games panel, and Logan Bonner is on 13th Age, Dungeon World, and More: Old School RPGs with Modern Design. Paizo and WoTC will have demo games running all weekend long. Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Quarterly will be doing some panels.

There are lots of indie designers as well. Luke Crane, creator of Burning Wheel, is here from the East coast. I dragged Ben Robbins and Jonathan Walton onto my  role-playing panel, and Sage LaTorra will be talking about Dungeon World. Hmm, it’s obvious from my panel choices what my favorite hobby is at the moment.

If you’re interested in PAX parties, sidequesting has consolidated a list of all the official parties. As a member of Seattle Queer Geeks, I’m helping to host the PAX Prime Pink Party, so I’ll be there tomorrow night after my last panel. Come say hi!

That’s about all I can keep track of. If there’s anything I should know about, feel free to let me know in the comments!


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  1. Andrew said on August 31, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Really thrilled to have you reppin’ the Robot at PAX. Much love to the folks at the Pink Party! (I’m surprised I could read anything after the words “exclusive minis”… /drool)

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