Lost Showrunner Heads to HBO

image via wikipedia.com

News of out IGN and various other websites points to writer Damon Lindelof‘s return to television. Lindelof will be adapting a novel by author Tom Perrotta for HBO. The book, The Leftovers, revolves around a group of people who are left on Earth after the Biblical Rapture occurs, and follows how they continue with their lives after such an extreme event. This will be Lindelof’s first show since Lost ended roughly two years ago, and given the religious nature of Lost – particularly in the show’s final stretch – it seems like a good fit for the writer. Lindelof and Perrotta will be working closely, co-writing the pilot script and eventually co-executive producing the show should it make it to air.

Since leaving television after Lost ended Lindelof has been working consistently in movies where he has contributed on Cowboys & Aliens, Prometheus and the upcoming Star Trek sequel.


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