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Today I don’t review any comic books. Today I review comic book reviewers. Well, not really, but I do want to bring something to your attention.

Recently in Sydney, Australia, a number of fellow Aussie comic book nerds have taken some initiative and developed their own comic book review web show.

KaPow is the fruit of their labors.

Image via youtube.com/kapowcomicbookshow

KaPow hits the internet once a week and is hosted by trio AlSonya, and Ray, who tell you what’s hot and what’s not in comic book culture.

Four episodes in and KaPow has been a pretty easy watch. I must admit I do love that these specific comic book nerds (and please, know that I use that term endearingly; I personally wear that title as a badge of honor) have the coolest collection of comic book and pop culture t-shirts I’ve seen. But seriously when push comes to shove, these guys know their stuff.

So what works?

Image via youtube.com/kapowcomicbookshow

The presenters. Al, Sonya, and Ray are so obviously passionate about comic book culture. They come across as people who have something to say, not just people who are talking to hear their own voices. Even when they’re critiquing a comic and don’t like what they’ve read they never resort to the “Why?!? Oh, Please No….! What Are They Thinking?!?!? YOU’RE RAPING MY CHILDHOOD!!!” stereotypical nonsense as comic book readers are so often depicted.

Instead you always get a well-balanced review and walk away feeling genuinely informed.

What doesn’t work?

I did have one criticism after watching the first episode of Ka-Pow. Like most comic book websites, blogs, and whatever, they really focussed on the stuff that doesn’t need covering: the big events that Joe Comic Book is already buying.

Image via youtube.com/kapowcomicbookshow

But each episode since then, they’ve actually addressed my unvoiced concern and have managed to cover comics and DVDs I’ve never heard before. This is what I want to learn about. I already know everything there is to know about whatever big Event is currently overexposed. I want to know more about comics I’ve overlooked because no one else is covering them.

The crew at Ka-Pow could do this a little better, but they’re definitely taking steps in the right direction.

At about twenty minutes a week, Ka-Pow is a pleasure. It’s fun and informative and gets two thumbs up from me. So make sure that “Like” their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel to get your weekly dose of news and reviews from down under.

Oh, and did I mention competition prizes?

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