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Errata: Gaming with a Partner

Most hobby board and card games are free-for-alls; everyone is your opponent and you have to take them down. But what if you want a slightly different, team-based experience?

The Couple asked: “My husband and I tend to play with one other married couple most of the time. Is there a game where we can do couple vs. couple, or the girls against the guys?

Yep! Card games, especially trick taking games, lend themselves well to this kind of two on two partnered play. One of my favorite card games, despite its lack of a unique deck, is Spades. In Spades, you and a partner bid on how many tricks you think you can take between the two of you, and then try to take at least that many. It leads to a very interesting game. And, since table talk is usually discouraged for Spades, it can be fun to test your wits and skills out to see if your partner and you are on the same wavelength.

One card game that is purportedly a fantastic one is Tichu. I am very sad to admit that I haven’t had the occasion to play it myself, so I can’t recommend it from personal experience. But I’ve never heard anyone saying anything negative about it, and it is currently ranked 38 out of all board games on BGG. That’s pretty darn high for a trick taking game based on the standard 52 card deck.

And if cards isn’t what you’re about, I can definitely recommend Ticket to Ride Asia. Even if you’ve played Ticket to Ride to death, Team Asia really reinvigorates things. Again, the lack of table talk ensures that the partners have to work together – often without all the information – and try to assist one another as much as possible.

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  1. Kai said on March 9, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Tichu is my biggest recommendation for 2vs2 team games. The rules are pretty straight-forward, strategy is much deeper than you’d expect in the beginning. In our closer circle of friends, we must have something more than 20.000 games logged on Brettspielwelt.
    But it doesn’t really do the game justice to sort it under trick-taking games. Trick-taking is involved, but counterbalanced by the need to shed your cards.
    If you try it, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

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