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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 33: Tribes Ascend and PRIZES?!!?

Post technical difficulties we are BACK and ready to rock with some awesome prizes! Check the cast for how to enter.

This week, Steven gives us his review of Kingdoms of Amular (which he’s been playing the hell out of) and Robby hops back onto the WoW wagon to use up the last of his subscription and dips his toe into the murky waters of Call of Duty. Conor gives us the lowdown on why FFXIII-2 is a much better game than its predecessor and probably the game XIII should’ve been. Also, we get a mini-review of Warp and the latest on Super Monday Night Combat.

In the second half, the boys give us the inside scoop on the Tribes Ascend closed beta which opens up to the general public this Friday. You can register at the Hi-Rez site.


Free Game of the Week: Tribes Ascend, link is above.

The awesome Presidential DLC for Dungeon Defenders:




Music by JD Short.

Run Time: 1:18:54

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