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Comic Book Review: Criminal Macabre: Final Night—The 30 Days of Night Crossover #1

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Steve Niles has been on my radar for a couple years now (I think he first came to my attention with his work on the Suicide Girls comics). In that time he’s come across as a writer that respects his fans, and makes his work very accessible to new readers.

His drugged-up paranormal detective, Cal Macdonald, has quickly climbed the ranks to the top of my favourite comic book characters list, and whenever a new issue of Criminal Macabre hits the racks, I can’t help but gulp it down in one ravenous chomp.

The other comic that Niles is world famous for is 30 Days of Night, which began with a coven of vampires taking advantage of the sun not rising in Alaska for a month at a time. More recently, the vampires have migrated to warmer pastures: Los Angeles.

But wait a minute … doesn’t Cal operate out of LA?

Final Night takes both of Niles’ comics and smashes them together in a crossover of Thunderdome proportions: Two comics enter, one comic leaves.

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And, unlike every other crossover you’ve ever read, rumour has it that one of these two franchises ends with this crossover, so strap yourselves in for the final showdown.

Don’t be concerned about being lost in two long-running comics coming together. Niles is the best in the business when it comes to making his work accessible, and Final Night is no exception. If you’ve never read an issue of Criminal Macabre or 30 Days of Night, don’t worry, this comic is new-reader friendly.

As mentioned above, Final Night kicks off the story that finds special agent Alice Blood and Cal, along with his network of ghouls, face-to-face with a new vampire threat lead by the sometime protagonist, sometime antagonist of 30 Days of Night, Eben. Eben has spent the last twelve months climbing the ladder of vampire hierarchy, and now that the entire vampire nation is at his beck and call, he’s aiming to misbehave.

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Mo’lock, Cal’s right-hand ghoul, has been warning of a coming war for years, and it’s finally here.

I have fallen in love with Christopher Mitten‘s art — especially in this issue. He has a real feel for the urban fantasy world that both comics are set in, and this is some of his best work yet.

All in all, Final Night #1 is a well-written, disturbingly beautiful illustrated comic book that I can’t praise highly enough. I look forward to seeing Cal and Co. in the midst of the comic war, and I’m expecting nothing short of an epic.

With the aforementioned rumours of one comic ending for good, and Niles’ ability to twist his stories and hit us with surprises, I’m not confident Cal’s going to come out on top this time.

Final Night #1 is on comic book shelves around the world as you read this. Do yourself a favour and go get it. See how good great comics can really be.

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