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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 29: Frank-incensed Double-Size Edition

We should preface this podcast by telling you that Conor spent 80 minutes bitching about Skyrim. Thankfully, we’ve edited that down to a mere 25, and it’s—of course—off-set by the hour we spent reviewing almost every title to see the light of day in the last year. That’s right folks, everything you’ve had in the last year except we do it all for about twice as long and about twice as loud.

Remember to take a gander at the Video Game of the Year contest on the main site, where you decide 2011’s best game AND stand to win a free copy of any of the nominees.

Free Game of the Cast:

This round it was World of Tanks, which somehow didn’t make it into the actual podcast. World of Tanks is a fast-paced, intense, and extremely detailed PVP MMO. Everything is about the head-to-head team combat and I highly recommend a few DAYS with the Wiki before you try to tackle an actual combat round. It’s an extremely exciting game, when you actually stay alive, but the learning curve is STEEP.

Next cast’s game is DC Universe Online. Try it yourself and tune in two weeks.

Conor forgot what else to link for this cast so enjoy some free life advice for the New Year.




Music by JD Short

Run time: 2:15:18

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