Pyro’s Arcade Episode 27: Brought to You By Gex | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 27: Brought to You By Gex

Skyrim!!!!! Also, the boys explore Ubisoft’s plans for this week’s release of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Conor fills us in on Kultan, a naval-theme browser MMO as part of the new F2P of the Week feature. Robbie takes us down memory lane as he recounts the trials and errors of Ru-fueled Rom Roulette which triggers a full-body nerdgasm as Conor rediscovers the wonder that is Gex. Lastly, we return to Batman: Arkham City with Robbie finally understanding the brilliance of Asylum and the rest of the boys having finally beat City. Sadly, it still kind of sucks.

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You can check out Kultan here:

Music by JD Short

Run Time: 1:20:25

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