W.C. Carani: Comic Book Artist, Video Game Modeler, and All-Around Great Guy

I have a confession to make: I love commissioning artwork from artists. Whenever I see a list of comic book artists at a Con, I immediately start drumming up ideas for commissions. I have the walls of my home covered in sketches I’ve asked various artists to create for me. I come to them with an idea, or something I want them to make, and see if they’ll do it. I’m almost always impressed by the results.

One of my favorites is W.C. “Cory” Carani. Currently, Mr. Carani is employed at Raven Soft where he works on video-game artwork and 3D modeling (most notably for the Call of Duty franchise). Before he landed that sweet gig, he spent plenty of time inking comics, working for DC, Marvel, and Wildstorm. He caught my attention with his female illustrations, but also with a gimmick that has been filling in the blanks between his jobs, and keeping his pad and pencil skills in check: Birthday Sketches for Friends. The way it works is that you buy one of his limited edition books and get the opportunity for him to draw you whatever you want. Look at the results he made for my wife:

Original artwork by W C Carani - By commission

I know, impressive, right? The book is full of these sketches that he’s made for his “friends” throughout the year. What’s even better is that if he likes what he makes, it will more than likely be featured in the next book he puts out. I’ll speak from experience in saying that there is nothing better than seeing something you own on your wall at home reprinted somewhere that can be distributed to the masses.

What’s even better than the sketches Cory does is that he’s a really affable guy. I can spend an hour or so just shooting the shit with him at a con. We talk about his projects, his inspirations, his family and life in general. He is a guy who, if he weren’t so talented, would probably be in sales or something like that.
Of course, the best part is when I get that sketch back and get to see where he took my request. I requested him to draw me a Marla from Fight Club— and he did not disappoint. Check it out:

Original artwork by W C Carani - by commission

I don’t know how to support what W.C. does other than to commission his sketches, but keep your eyes peeled at the next convention you attend. Look for a loveable-looking bald guy with a smile that says he’s up to something mischievous. He usually is, and believe me: it’s art.

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