Pyro’s Arcade Episode 26: BatSpleen Vented | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 26: BatSpleen Vented

Conor, Steven, and El Nobodor spend 90 minutes desperately trying to find something good to say about well…anything. Batman: Arkham City, Diablo III, Blizzard DOTA, Protect IP, Golden Age, and Quick-Time Events get a royal lashing during this collective bash session. Conor also kicks off a new regular feature, “Free-2-play Game of the Week”, in which he will suffer through a new game every cast and report on the inherent Win or Fail so you don’t have to check them yourself. Send game suggestions, questions, comments or concerns to

As mentioned in the cast, you can help settle a feud between Robbie and Conor. Which of these songs is a better soundtrack for walking into a room like a BAMF:




Music by JD Short

Run Time: 1:38:01

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