Occupy Wall Street Gets Super Support

Unemployed Man (Gan Golan) (CREDIT: Bryan Derballa for Wired.com)

I think it’s safe to say that this country could use some heroism. With the country’s employment and economy both so anemic, it’s depressing to watch the Occupy Wall Street movement lose press and motivation after weeks of interest and activism. So, with the Halloween holiday as an impetus, Gan Golan decided it was time to don his alter ego, Unemployed Man, and head out to the New York streets and let the protesters know that their efforts are not futile, and that they have a kindred (superhero) spirit.

As reported by Wired, the Occupy Wall Street protesters staged an event called “Superheroes versus Economic Supervillains.” While it was intended to be a shot in the arm to the Occupy Wall Street movement, and an event that takes full advantage of the Halloween holiday, it was also added publicity for Gan’s book, The Adventures of Unemployed Man. Check out the Wired article for more info and photos.



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