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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 25: There is No Cow Level

Steven steps into Colin’s farm-scented hole as he joins Robbie and Conor in this week’s cast. The boys discuss their thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, now that they’ve beaten it. They lament the completely tacked-on multiplayer mode of an otherwise awesome single-player Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. And they shine a little light on the ever expanding, but still underground, MUGEN scene, in all its batshit glory. Lastly, they take a look at this week’s upcoming Blizzcon and speculate what new awesomeness shall be revealed. Mixed through is the usual spatter of Red Ring rants, awe at the Valve Cabal, and anything else they found relevant in video games from the past two weeks.

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Run time: 00:59:21

Music by JD Short


In-depth article on Valve’s Cabal process:

*BREAKING* The new Deus Ex DLC dropped Wednesday 10/19/2011, find it here:

And read up on it here:

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