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Board Game News Roundup: Memoir ’44 Comes to Steam, and More

Via Days of Wonder

  • This has been a big week in gaming news so buckle up. First up, we have Days of Wonder announcing that Memoir ’44 online will now be available through Steam. The first two scenarios are available for free. Other scenarios and additional playtime will be available through Ingots, the in-game currency. Ingots can also be purchased from your Steam Wallet.


  • Ares Games announced this week that it has a new website. has launched and you’ll be able to stay updated on the newly announced games coming out of Ares.

Via Kickstarter

  • Gryphon Games has announced that it will be Kickstarting its latest offering, Zong Shi. According to its Kickstarter page, the game blends worker placement, resource management, and task completion. The components appear to anticipate very high quality. You’ll also find a link to the complete rulebook in case you want to know more about it before pledging.

    Via Kickstarter

  • Also on Kickstarter, the expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse is up! Rook City is now up for backing. It will include two new heroes, four new villains (yay!) and two new environments.


  • The previews for Heart of Doom continue and this time we are treated to the Highland Captain. Being able to buy a hero to immediately help you in the dungeon is a power that should not be overlooked. Do want.

Via Board Game Geek

  • Meanwhile, Dominion: Hinterlands is releasing its first previews. Over at BoardGameGeek, the designer has posted three sets of previews for you to gawk at. The theme for the expansion is that cards will have immediate effects when you buy them, as well as when they cycle back through and get played from your hand.


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