Fall 2011 Anime Schedule Full of Potential Gold

With the current Fall 2011 anime season underway, and new series coming down the pipeline, what can we expect to be a success this season? I’m not sure exactly which anime I am most excited to see, but there are a lot of new shows—as well as shows that are returning for another season which made their debut in September, or should be coming out imminently. Check out the anime visual schedule below, as well as a full-size version at Culture Japan.

Image from Culture Japan

Generally speaking, there are some big anime coming this season. The new Fate/Zero, which continues the Fate/STay Night series, looks like it will be extremely popular. Bakuman, a series which I have seen a bit of during its first season, is coming back again. This show features a group of high school students attempting to publish their very own manga. It has been a pretty popular show in Japan, and seems like it will do very well again this season. Another exciting series this season is the potential of a Hunter X Hunter comeback; they are retelling the series yet again, starting this fall. Gundam is also getting another series, with some restyled characters which take a much younger aesthetic than in some of the more recent Gundam series. I’d imagine all of these series doing very well this season; I would certainly expect Hunter X Hunter to come back again and again, perhaps becoming another anime epic. Un-Go, the new Studio BONES series, has very recently made its premier. A futuristic/post apocalyptic detective show sounds like a lot of fun to me.

For more descriptions of this fall’s new anime, check out the Anime News Network coverage of the fall season. I’ll be discussing more of these series, individually, as I watch them myself this season. Enjoy!

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