Pyro’s Arcade Episode 24: Don’t Be A Dick | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 24: Don’t Be A Dick

The boys run the gamut from talking about this week’s Dark Souls and Orcs Must Die; Conor explains the ways in which GameStop is turning into the secret land of free games and money; Robby attempts to provide counseling for VG Blue Balls; continued and ongoing Diablo 3 fuckery makes an appearance; Cowboy Hats are discussed; Battlefield 3 hackers roll mad deep on the beta; Dino Andrade makes a very special contribution; the amazing Portal 2 FREE DLC debuts; and the boys make fun of all the angry kids that are still angry about Portal 2 being…good? Brace yourself kids and remember, Knowing Is Half the Battle…against being a dick.

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Orcs Must Die trailer:

Portal 2 Dev Marriage Proposal:

BONUS: Kick ASS Jennifer Hale interview on MSNBC:


Music by JD Short.

Intermission Awesomeness courtesy of Dino Andrade.

Run time: 1:05:35

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