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Board Game News: Memoir ’44 Campaign Book, Sails of Glory, and More

Courtesy of Days of Wonder

  • Days of Wonder is introducing a new Campaign Book for Memoir ’44. The book will bring a host of new scenarios as well as scenarios that can be played in succession with each having an impact on the next.
  • In other news, Tasty Minstrel Games will be donating to Toys for Tots. The more “likes” they get on their Facebook page, the more they will donate to TfT. So get over there and like them. It doesn’t cost you anything and it helps kids get toys.

Courtesy Ares Games

  • Italian publisher Ares Games has announced that it will be adapting its successful Wings of War system to ship combat in Sails of Glory. Covering the age of sail from 1650-1815, it will feature tactical ship to ship combat. I will be very interested at taking a look at this when it arrives on our shores.
  • Meanwhile, the Golden Pawn awards have also been announced. The full list is a good read, but if you skip down to “Best Independent Product” you’ll see Misspent Youth which we had the good pleasure to review earlier this year.


  • Alea games is planning to release a Tenth Anniversary edition of Puerto Rico. The coins will be replaced with metal coins, the goods will now look like little crates, and the buildings will be on much thicker material. Player mats and other items are also being redesigned. It is currently slated for an English release in October, though no specific date or price has been confirmed.


  • Finally, we end our roundup with another look at a preview from Heart of Doom. The Robber seems to be a good way to quickly collect cards. More interesting, he appears to be a level-two village card. I wonder if this is a unique approach or if this portends an interesting development in Heart of Doom.

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  1. Hectarion said on October 6, 2011 at 8:23 am

    I’m extremely excited for the Campaign book. I missed my chance to pick up the first one and now it is out of print 🙁

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