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Advanced Comic Book Review: Crawl to Me #3 (of 4)

Cover A by Alan Robert - Image via Alan Robert

When I watch a horror flick or read a horror comic, I want something from the very first page or scene. I want the first visuals to slap me in the face and drag me screaming into the story.

Take the 2006 film Hatchet, written and directed by Adam Green. Hatchet opens in the Louisiana bayou, where Sampson (Robert Englund) and his son Ainsley (Joshua Leonard) are fishing in a swamp under a full moon. Ainsley says he needs to pee and once they reach the shore he takes off into the scrub. While Ainsley is peeing, he notices Sampson suddenly falling silent. Ainsley heads back and discovers his father’s mutilated body. In a panicked state, he grabs his harpoon. But before he can do anything he is brutally murdered by a shadowed freak.

Sure, it’s a schlock flick, but my point is that the intro to Hatchet sets the mood for the entire film. You know what you’re in for and what kind of horror flick you’re watching from the first couple minutes. This doesn’t mean giving everything away in the first couple minutes; it’s more about setting the tone of the story.

Cover B by Menton3 - Image via Alan Robert

I found the same when I was reading Hellraiser #1 some months ago. From the first page I was fully immersed in the story.

Alan Robert gives me what I need in a horror comic, and he’s one of the best when it comes to setting the scene. The opening double-page spread of IDW’s Crawl to Me #3, is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. The story’s protagonists, Ryan and Jessica, hold each other near the baby’s crib. Alan Robert’s interpretation of what could be a very average scene is creepy as hell. The color palate used, and the sunken eyes of the characters, create a real sense of detatchment in them and unease in the reader that carries through this entire issue.

Since Crawl to Me is a four-issue series, I’ll admit I was somewhat surprised that instead of plateauing and preparing to wrap everything up, Crawl to Me #3 just seems to up the ante further, giving no clues towards the finale and how Alan Robert plans to wrap the story. Are Ryan and Jessica clinically insane? Is their new house haunted? Or is something else happening? And what’s the real deal with their neighbor?

Cover C by David Lupton - Image via Alan Robert

I am really looking forward to seeing how Alan Robert ends Crawl to Me. So far he’s crafted an exciting and surprising horror comic book that has surpassed almost every comic I read in quality and originality. I am on the edge of my seat (sometimes literally) when I read Crawl to Me.

If you haven’t read the first two issues, give your local comic book store a call and get your hands on them. Get yourself educated and up to speed before Crawl to Me #3 hits the shelves.

Crawl to Me #3 will be on sale September 21, with three unique covers featuring art from Alan Robert,  Menton J. Matthews III, and David Lupton.

There are 2 comments.

  1. Jeannie said on September 17, 2011 at 8:34 am

    This series jut sounds so truly disturbing. And kinda RAD!

    — and I think Robert Englund is a mood setter in-and-of himself. Except in the original V…where he was a Veterinarian. 😉

  2. Big Tim said on September 19, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    It is. It’s beautiful in it’s grotesque-ness (?)

    If you like a good psychological horror flick, check this book out. I am so looking forward to the final issue.

    And yeah. Englund is a horror icon and mood setter that I’ll watch no matter what he’s in.

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