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Limited Edition Pre-order: Jonathan Case’s Graphic Novel, Dear Creature

Courtesy Jonathan Case

When I first saw Jonathan Case‘s work at ECCC in 2008, I bought everything of his I could afford: Two small framed prints, a poster with a poem, and all three available issues of his comic, Sea Creature. Case is talented with both visual art and the written word; his art is some of the best brush pen work around, rich with detail and realism, and his writing, both plot and prose, is brilliant. Writing Shakespearean prose is HARD, people. Jonathan Case does it with deceptive ease, and the guys over at Tor have taken notice and are publishing his comic in graphic novel form.

Case sums up his plot this way: “An atomic sea mutant in the ’60s whose poet soul is at odds with his tendency to eat people. You know.” He pulled this amazing story seemingly out of thin air, and manages to write and draw a story that will interest classic comic and sci-fi fans as well as fans of more traditional and serious literature. The dark humor and sci-fi themes are fantastic, and beneath the ’60s camp there is a tale of what it means to be human, complete with a Greek chorus in the form of three wittily conniving crabs. If that’s not enough, Grue, our monstrous yet magniloquent protagonist, speaks in iambic pantameter reminiscent of The Bard himself, whose influence affects Grue’s soul as well as his speech.

If you pre-order the limited editon version of the graphic novel, you’ll receive a personally signed piece of Jonathan’s original concept art from the comic. Whether you’re a Shakespeare buff, a sci-fi nerd, or an indie comics geek, jump on this limited edition of what will surely become a cross-genre classic. At $20 (USD) you won’t regret it.

Check out a free sample of the comic at Jonathan Case’s blog.