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Get started making video games with the Super Friendship Club.

SFC logo courtesy of Super Friendship Club

If you’re a gamer, you’ve thought about making your own game at least once in your life. If you’ve ever actually gone and tried to do it, you probably realized it ain’t all that easy. Making a game takes multiple disciplines, and tackling the likes of programming, art, music, mechanics, design, etc. can be quite daunting to any newcomer.

These days it’s much easier. There are a lot of references available online and a lot of development frameworks/environments for various platforms to give you a headstart. But sometimes, what one needs is simply a friend or two to help you get started.

For that, there’s the Super Friendship Club.

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Super Friendship Club is a site built for anyone interested in making/designing games, both beginners and experienced. The site is currently being run by the following indie developers:

The club aims to focus on the craft of making videogames, tackling both game development and game design. To this end, there’s a forum for game developers/designers to discuss the craft, as well a regular series of themed contests called pageants to get those creative juices flowing. As of this post, the first pageant, Justice, is nearing its submission deadline.

SFC First Pageant: Justice poster courtesy of Super Friendship Club

Don’t know where or how to start? No problem. Forums and pageants are just the beginning, with more stuff coming in the future for the beginning game developer. As Terry Cavanagh (of VVVVVV fame) told GFBRobot:

Right now we’re just getting the forum up and running, but over time, we really want to make it a good starting point for people who are just getting started with making games. We’ll probably eventually have a front page and a wiki. For now though, expect more games pageants over the coming months!

If you really want to start making games, the best thing to do is to just go and start making ’em. At least now, to complement the numerous development frameworks, tools, communities, and resources available online, there’s also a Super Friendship Club to help you out.


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  1. Nathan said on July 20, 2011 at 9:32 am

    You guys are awesome.

  2. Amphernee said on February 3, 2013 at 2:16 am

    Greetings Super Friends! My name is amphernee and I have been wrestling with the idea of trying to create my own video game. I have tons of ideas, two of which are really great, and I think they could not only be really fun to play but also commercially successfull. The problem I have, as you may have experienced, is the feeling that it is such a HUGE undertaking and I have no idea where to begin. I have no experience with programming and am no computing genius. I have taught myself how to use Maya for 3D and 2D artwork but am an amatuer with no formal training whatsoever. I have a background in theatre and writing but no film or art instruction to speak of. What I do have is a passion and desire to give it my best shot but I need some direction to say the least. I would love to have some collaborators who bring different skills even if they’re not much further along than I am or have any experience either to at least be able to soundboard and spitball off each other and get the ball rolling even if it’s hands-off for awhile. I hope I stumbled upon the right site to do just that. If any one is interested in chatting a bit about what I am looking to accomplish and\or have similar goals reply to this comment or send me an email at Thanks for your time and attention.

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