Heroclix: Captain America Previews—Quake and Hellfire

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Howdy Clixers.

Today’s Heroclix: Captain America preview from Wizkids/NECA is a couple more Secret Warriors. Today we get a look at Quake and Hellfire.

Quake is currently one of only three people who have a “Level 10” security clearance in S.H.I.E.L.D. (the others being Nick Fury and Black Widow). Originally thought to be a mutant, she actually inherited her powers from her father, Calvin Zabo, a.k.a. the supervillain known as Mister Hyde.

Hellfire is the grandson of the Phantom Rider. He is able to super-charge items (he personally prefers a chain) with fire before unleashing devastating attacks.

To have a look-see at the tiny plastic versions of these comic book characters, read on, playah.

Hellfire starts out with Plasticity which holds his enemies close while he uses his Mystical Hellfire Chain Special Power. Up-close and personal, this translates to Exploit Weakness, but at a distance this means Energy Explosion with a bonus: “When he uses Energy Explosion, he deals penetrating damage” to enemies hit.

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Hellfire can be nasty in close combat as he kicks off his dial with Combat Reflexes and later in his dial receives Poison and standard Exploit Weakness (once his Mystical Hellfire Chain Special Power winds down).

At 45 points for a figure that deals Penetrating Damage on every single click, Hellfire is a sweet tie-up piece for your Secret Warriors or my Hydra team. That’s right. He has the Hydra keyword. I’ll try him on one or more of my Hydra teams.

Now let’s have a look at the Secret Warriors’ field leader, Quake.

Image from www.wizkidsgames.com

Not unlike her father, Quake launches herself into battle with Charge and her They All Fall For Me Special Power: Quake can use Quake. When she does, she treats opposing characters up to two squares away as if they were adjacent, and after the actions resolve, deal one penetrating damage to any one character that was hit.

Quake begins her dial with Leadership (being hand-picked by Fury to lead the Secret Warriors on the battlefield). But it quickly gives way to her Bring Down the House Special Power, which allows her to destroy all walls and blocking terrain she could normally target in a close combat attack.

Quake’s S.H.I.E.L.D. training is evident in her defense powers throughout her dial. First half of the dial she has Toughness with Combat Reflexes for the second half of the dial. Couple that up with mid-dial Stealth to show that Quake is a well-trained soldier, under Fury.

Spending her 67 points on your S.H.I.E.L.D. or Secret Warriors team will be points well spent.

That seems to be it for the Secret Warriors this time around. But Wizkids/NECA have hinted at some exciting previews coming as they “journey across the ocean to spotlight another group of patriots from a wintery land!” So bring on the Winter Guard! Can’t wait.

So as usual, you’ll know something when I know something. Play on, playah.

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