Pyro’s Arcade Episode 14: Hacked to Bits | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 14: Hacked to Bits

This week, Conor and Aaron are joined by new co-host Robbie “El Nobedor”. The boys meander through a few topics before sinking their teeth into some recent hacking news, Conor goes on a 20 minute hate-filled tirade over Uncharted and then the boys close out the episode with a look at recent changes in government censorship, both good and bad.

Supreme Court Ruling:

The last week of the Term: In Plain English

Canadian Crackdown:

Hitman Yummies:

Video Games Fight Violent Crime(See #9):

IGN Halo-sterbation:

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Run Time: 1:13:05

Music by JD Short

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