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Video Game Releases for June 30th

Art by Ken Rabehl

Maybe it’s just the upcoming 4th of July holiday, but there’s a hell of a lot of war games out this week. Every single game except one is focused on punching or shooting your way to victory. Unfortunately, I plan to be too busy blowing things up in the real world to log tooooo much time with these titles but if you’re looking to beat the heat by celebrating where there’s AC, here’s all the games you’ll need to do it.






War, lots of it.

This one’s been out for Xbox and PC since last summer but PS3 users can finally get their hands on and scope in. They’ll also be getting their hands on several new maps, a new hardcore mode, a whole new mission, and two different rifles that weren’t available previously. The sniping portions of the game have received consistent rave reviews but the frequent sections that don’t involve sniping have been uniformly lambasted as horrible. In short, the sniping game is good at sniping…and not much else.


This has been out as DLC for the XBLA/PSN for the last few weeks but it’s just now hitting retail stores. This version adds four new characters along with a whole mess of “balancing” tweaks for the existing characters. It’s virtually indistinguishable from the actual stand-up arcade edition that’s been out for the last six months, and that’s on purpose. They’re trying to catch the console up to the live arcade. Purists have been lambasting some of the tweaks and saying that they are almost entirely nerfs and that two of the new characters are apparently completely broken powerful. Essentially, it doesn’t seem like it changes things enough to matter to anyone but the hardcore, and yet it seems designed specifically to enrage and turn off said hardcore.


World War II strategy bad-as,s Hearts of Iron, gets its latest iteration in For the Motherland. Continuing the intense level of detail and complexity from previous titles, FtM also features various “Commanders” that can be set to auto-pilot certain aspects of your empire, allowing you to focus on combat, or diplomacy, or whichever other branch of government suits you best.


After a million or so iterations of Dynasty Warriors, Koei realized that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms had been done to death but fans still wanted more of their intense hack-n-slash play-style. The switch to the Mobile Suit Gundam anime as inspiration has resulted in even faster-paced gameplay and an increased focus on ranged attacks. This third in the successful series has all new moves, missions, and features a cel-shaded style of design more in keeping with Gundam’s anime roots.


This TBS (Turn-Based Strategy) title looks like Civ for the real world. With its highly detailed depictions of a near-future Europe on the brink of World War 3, you’ll be challenged to fight, negotiate, and strategize your way to victory. Personally, I’m looking forward to crushing some newb via the intensely complex multiplayer.


Mercenaries is a mass-killing survival mode, common to previous console titles in the RE series, that is finally getting its own solo release. Combining maps from games four and five along with characters from throughout the franchise into a single frenetic handheld experience. Reviews have been a bit spiky but it looks and sounds pretty intense.


Not War

Point and click your way around Germany as you help Nancy Drew chase down an ancient folk tale and potentially stop a murderer. Personally, I didn’t realize they were still making Nancy Drew stuff and I may have to go dust off my old collection of the books. She was always more entertaining than the Hardy Boys.


I don’t know about the rest of you but as soon as summer heat arrived in my house, so did summer equipment meltdown. Along with a new laptop fan and switching my tower to liquid cooling, I may just be picking up one of these bad boys for my Xbox.


Turtle Beach primarily deals with high-end gaming headsets that tend to have price tags to match. The XC1 is their floor level model and it looks like they’ve managed to keep their normal quality standards while squeezing into such a low price point.

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  1. Colin "Durandal" Eggleston said on July 9, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    haha, you read Nancy Drew? *hides own collection of Nancy Drew* I would never be caught dead with that crap! Honestly, the Hardy Boys were pretty nauseating, but there were a few good capers. Remember the one in which they’re trapped in a game of death on a jungle island? That one was actually pretty decent. Now, the thing i always hated about Nancy Drew was that her boyfriend always either got the credit for solving the crime, or saved her at the last moment. She was a bit of a wuss, which made me sad for girls who grew up reading her and taking her seriously. I mean, not that I’ve read any of them…

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