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Nine Inch Nails Screenwriter for HBO’s Year Zero Project

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Trent Reznor is a busy man. After winning an Oscar for Best Score for 2010’s The Social Network, his previously closed manner has been blown wide open with a slew of projects. Most notably, Reznor is working with The Social Network director David Fincher on the score for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. But what really has me excited is the announcement that the 2007 concept album Year Zero is being adapted into a series on HBO. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Jim Uhls, the man behind the adaptation of Fight Club, is on board to script the series.

Year Zero was optioned last year by HBO to be a miniseries or movie adaptation, but had been stuck in development limbo as the producers tried to find a suitable writer. Enter Jim Uhls. Having worked with Fincher on Fight Club, Uhls also wrote the adaptation for Jumper. Both of these credits alone are enough for me to have faith that Uhls will pen a script that will make me believe that “Art Is Resistance”.

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For those unfamiliar, Year Zero was released in 2007 as a concept album that was seen as a criticism of the political landscape of the time. It was a vision of a dystopian landscape in the year 2022 (dubbed “Year 0” by the government) where most of the American freedoms have been destroyed. The population is somewhat controlled by drugs that are put into the water supply. The U.S. Government is a Christian fundamentalist theocracy, maintaining control through the neo-conservative agencies The Bureau of Morality and the First Evangelical Church of Plano.

The world of Year Zero is one where dissenters or rebels are mysteriously disappeared, to insane asylums or execution chambers. Rising up or organizing regularly meant losing “freedoms” that were granted by the overbearing government. One of these groups is the Solutions Backwards Initiative, who have devised a way of sending information back through time using wormholes in hopes of preventing the dystopian world in which they live.

The promotion for the album included “leaked” songs, cryptic websites, and an Alternate Reality Game—all of which eventually revealed the album “Year Zero” by Nine Inch Nails—who were vessels for this information from the future. The music and performances were meant as a warning, with the message being “Art Is Resistance.” The alternate reality game resulted in a live, secret performance by Nine Inch Nails, culminating in the “abduction” of the band and several of the concert attendees, by men dressed as Bureau of Morality soldiers.

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I’m excited by the news that this project is moving forward. I enjoy Nine Inch Nails’ music, and hope the transition of the album Year Zero into celluloid is as rewarding as the images the music inspired in my head. It is definitely one of my smart and musically satisfying geek albums. Stay tuned to the Robot for more news as this series develops.

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