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Heroclix: Captain America Preview—Cobra and Hyde

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Last time, when  Wizkids/NECA teased us that the next preview would “Check in with a perfidious pair with a penchant for getting out of tight spaces and busting heads,” I’ll admit I was stumped. I was thinking maybe the likes of Anaconda and Puff Adder of the Serpent Society, but evidently I was clutching at straws.

Apparently, though, I wasn’t too far off. Today Wizkids/NECA bring us previews of the Serpent Society’s one-time leader Cobra and his mismatched partner in crime, Mister Hyde.

Cobra and Hyde first teamed up with a revenge plan aimed at Thor. As you may expect, Thor whipped them real good, but it was only the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Cobra and Hyde have had their butts handed to them by every A-lister from the Amazing Spider-man to the Uncanny X-Men. But the last I read (some ten or fifteen years ago) they were at each other’s throats. It warms the cockles of my heart to have them together again (even if it is only in miniature plastic form).

So lets get started with Hyde, shall we? Read on playah…

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The 81-point Mister Hyde starts off with a fan-favorite power combination of Charge and Super Strength. Set up the right object in the right place and this combination can be devastating. And to protect Hyde from enemy attack, he also starts off with Toughness. But even if he takes some damage, he only gets more dangerous.

Add a little Close Combat Expert to mix? Yow! Thanks for coming! Toughness is eventually replaced by Invulnerability and his combat values continue to increase as Battle Fury helps demonstrates Hyde’s unpredictable savagery in battle.

Add into the mix Hyde’s Masters of Evil team ability, and you can continue pushing him beyond his second action token, helping you reach Hyde’s more savage clicks. And to make things even more tasty, make sure you team him with Cobra.

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Cobra’s Slithery Duo Trait makes him an awesome tie-up piece granting him Plasticity throughout his dial making him a difficult foe to escape. And remember; a Trait sticks with the character regardless of what powers are showing on their dial. And if teamed with Mister Hyde, Cobra’s Trait grants both characters +1 to their attack stats. Not too shabby.

Starting with Leap/Climb Cobra dodges, side-steps and prances around keeping his opponent on their toes. Leap/Climb gives way to Cobra’s No Essssscape Special Power which allows him to potentially lock down opposing characters by forcing them to make a breakaway roll even if they possess Hypersonic Speed or Leap/Climb themselves. His Leadership represents his brief stint as the King of the Serpent Society as well as being the brains of his partnership with Hyde.

Cobra picks up Poison early on in his dial to live up to his venomous namesake, and also adds Shape Change to the mix to represent his ability to contort and squeeze out of harm’s way. Throw in Toughness to take the edge off some of that damage and you’re set.

Cobra replaces Toughness with Combat Reflexes as he kicks in hand-to-hand combat but gets Toughness back again at the end of the dial again, relying on his armor to protect him again.

Well that’s it for today’s previews. Wizkids/NECA hasn’t given any cryptic clues to the next previews. What does that mean? Is this the end of the Heroclix: Captain America previews?

When I know, you’ll know. Clix on!

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