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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 13: Givin’ It the Bizness.

Apologies for the super-short cast this week. We’ve had some scheduling and manpower changes here at the Robot and I just wanted to fill everyone in on the details. I pretty much cover everything from the cast in this blurb so if you’re prone to TLDR, then just listen to the cast.

First, in the interest of avoiding scheduling conflicts with the site’s other podcasts, we’re moving Pyro’s Arcade to Thursdays. The plan is for it to still be on a weekly schedule and unless Big Robot says different, the day should stay the same for the rest of the summer.

Secondly, I’ve decided that the cast needs a proper cohost. Since Andrew seems to have nailed down the available supply of midget ambisexual trucker-mouthed physicists, I need to find my own version of a Jeannie and I think YOU, the listeners/readers, are perfect for the job. Well, one of you anyway.

The job is open to anyone that loves video games, is comfortable talking about their opinions and is currently over the age of 18. I’d prefer someone with a different perspective on games than my own and that’s not afraid to argue their point on the air. Whether that perspective is your genre preference, your race/gender/nationality or just what you think determines a “good” game. All are welcome and encouraged. I want this to continue to be a space for discussing ALL aspects of games, not just the stuff I like.

Direct any inquiries to and we’ll discuss things from there.

Run Time: 3:30

Music: JD Short @bassdblr

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