Pyro’s Arcade Episode 10: Team Insomnia | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 10: Team Insomnia

Conor reaches back to the Tabletop Quality days of podcasting for the talent and rage necessary to properly eviscerate the Open Beta currently trying to pass itself off as AAA title, Brink. Jeff and Steven are old hats at talking over Conor so this will be the first Conor-hosted cast in which anyone else gets a word in edgewise. REJOICE! The boys also cover the joys of Monday Night Combat, L.A. Noire, Borderlands, DotA, Starcraft 2, and why AAA needs to stop meaning a large pit someone has shoveled money into and start meaning a high-quality game.

Penny Arcade’s Protip –

Runtime: 1:26:43

Music by JD Short

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