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Would You Go to a Minecraft Convention?

Hey, you! Yes, you there, gazing slack-jawed at the screen, moistening your chair. Do you play Minecraft?

You do? Good! Then I don’t have to tell you that it’s awesome. Rock, Paper, Shotgun is reporting that it’s become so awesome that the game’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson is looking into the idea of holding a Minecraftcon in Las Vegas, which I think is in America. At the moment, the idea seems to be simply that—an idea. There’s nothing concrete other than the day, which would be the 11th of November this year. According to Notch’s post, the con is likely to include, “contests (costume, speed building, whatever else), Q&A sessions, parties and awesome food and such.” If you’re interested, you should go hit up the poll on Notch’s blog. Even if you’re not, you should go vote—that’s what polls are for, you slack-jawed chair-moistener.

Sadly, at time of writing, the poll suggests that it’s a non-starter, as the No vote is in the lead. Whether that’s down to people preferring an alternative location or not, I don’t know. I guess time will tell.

The suggested price is 90 of your U.S. dollars, minus travel and accommodation. Does that sound fair? I don’t know, I don’t keep up on the exchange rate. But if, like me, you don’t hail from the U.S., then you may be interested in Notch’s other poll, which asks if you’d rather have the con somewhere else.

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