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Video Game Releases for April 20th

The Kore Gang courtesy of Atari

This week is all about quality over quantity. With a whopping SEVEN new titles, plus some hardware and a bundle of XBLA’s finest, it would have to be. Otherwise we might all go outside and embrace the day star or something.

But seriously, we’ve got not One but TWO blockbusters dropping this week, two titles I’ve been anticipating for AGES and two very impressive and unexpected Wii-exclusives that aim to keep that little white obelisk relevant well into the release of the Nintendo Puu.

After the jump I will present, in no particular order, this week’s releases!!!!

PS3 Racing Wheel Controller by Hori

A lot of the current hands on peripherals are completely cosmetic. A bowling ball that you shove your Wiimote into in order to make swinging the stick around seem a little more real-life. This is NOT that kind of crap. With built-in rumble, an additional foot pedal, a belt lock to keep you (and it) strapped in and compatibility with almost any PS3 driving game…this is everything but the keys to the damn Ferrari. Sign me up!


3 pack – Limbo, Trials HD, Splosion Man – XBOX 360

If, for some inexplicable reason, you haven’t been able to download these titles via XBOX Live, they’re now available in a handy retail pack. It’s worth mentioning that all of these games cost less to download than the price of this retail collection. That said, they are some AWESOME games and I recommend getting them one way or another. Limbo features creepy black and white side-scrolling puzzle-platform awesomeness. The spider WILL freak you out. Trials HD brings us some gravity/reason defying motorcross insanity as you build and ride tracks no sane person would ever build, let alone attempt to ride on. It’s a modern take on that old classic, Super Motocross. And Splosion Man lifts self-immolation to high art with their insanely difficult platformer in which every action is directed, enhanced and perfected through the fine art of blowing yourself up.


Portal 2 – Windows(Steam), XBOX 360, PS3(Steam)

GLADOS and company make their benevolent return, cake in hand. The original Portal started out as a student project and swiftly became one of the most revered Indie titles in history. Portal 2 is that game, all growed up with one heck of an allowance. The two biggest changes from the original are the introduction of playable robots and a new cooperative mode that is sure to result in a combination of controller shaped bruises and high-volume tag-team victory dances. Also, word from the developers is that the PS3 is getting the best version.


Section 8: Prejudice – XBLA

I got some hands on time with this one at PAXEast and I’ll say it again, prepare to get your socks blown off. From the free-fall parachute-assisted respawn to the awesome “earn points by killing dudes to buy awesome toys to kill people with” upgrade system, this is an INTENSE ride and I definitely recommend it. It goes live on XBLA today and will be available for retail in 2 weeks. Hell, if you’re lucky, you might get to shoot ME in the face.


Conduit 2 – Wii

The original game took the Wii by storm by being the first serious PvP shooter to ever brave the seemingly “casual” console. The sequel steps up the intensity with 12-man online head to head and a multitude of crazy new weapons to help you fend off the alien onslaught and your trigger happy friends.


The Kore Gang – Wii

This zany Tim Burton-esque all-ages game has been 10 years and 4 studios in the making. It’s been a tumultuous path but the final product really does look like delightful platforming awesomeness. My only hesitation is that many of the gameplay shots on the site look like art from a really good game…made in 2001. Hopefully, those particular shots are from the earlier builds but you might want to wait and see this one in person before making the jump.


SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs – PS3

The original SOCOM really set the standard for tactical shooters back in the day and it looks like Zipper Interactive is set to try for a repeat. With their 32-person squad based multi-player, they may just be on the right track.


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection – PSP

As Aujang mentioned in the last Pyro’s Arcade, Final Fantasy IV is one of the best games of the 90s and arguably the best JRPG ever made. In the 20 years since its release, additional chapters have been published and numerous ports have made their way to international markets…but rarely to North America. Now, we are getting not only a fully remastered version of the original (complete with kick-ass CGIs) but both of the expansions, all in one title. This also marks the first US release of an unadulterated version of the game, previous titles having been edited, censored and even “fixed” for US audiences.


Mortal Kombat – XBOX 360, PS3

FINISH HIM!!!! If you’re not familiar with Mortal Kombat, I’m not sure you’re currently on the internet. A Hi-Def reboot of the now venerable classic brings us the 9th title in the series, complete with fancy new x-ray attacks, ye olde Fatalities and more blood than you can paint the walls with….enjoy.

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