R. Crumb: Lines Drawn On Paper


The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators, in New York City, is exhibiting four decades of work by R. Crumb. Works will be on display through April 30, and include original art from many underground publications such as Zap and Weirdo.
Generally acknowledged as the most prominent founder of the underground comix scene, Crumb has been an influence on countless artists throughout the years. Crumb is best known for the hedonistic Fritz the Cat and other satirical characters of the counter culture generation. He has recently worked on more highbrow projects, such as the graphic novel interpretation of The Book of Genesis and Introducing Kafka.

Drew Friedman, whose own style of caricature was influenced by Crumb, was inspired by his reunion with Crumb at the recent exhibition to draw a portrait of the artist in Time Square. He talks about his experiences with Crumb at Vanity Fair.

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