NAMOR: The First Mutant #6 Review

I’ve always had a soft spot for Namor: the Submariner. The first comic I ever bought was Captain America #365 in which Cap fights him while he’s under the Controller’s mind control.

The latest series of Namor is a fun read. Namor is a strong leader trying to bring his people, the Atlantians, together again as a nation. The first arc was tied in to Curse of the Mutants which had him fighting underwater vampires (which was really cooler than it sounds).

This issue is titled: NAMOR GOES TO HELL — PART ONE OF THREE! And it doesn’t disappoint. Click through for all the juicy details.

Not giving anything away (as the title clearly states what this story is about) Stuart Moore crafts a story that sets up Namor going to his own personal hell. How he gets there and why, we don’t know, but I found this issue a page-turner and couldn’t put it down until I’d read it cover to cover.

The art is nothing short of beautiful. I’m not sure if Ariel Olivietti’s work on this book is painted or digital or whatever, but it is awesome. Everything, from up-close facial expressions to the Atlantian architecture in the background, feels like it’s been drawn/painted/crafted by a renaissance artist. As a comic book nerd it makes me proud to see such craftsmanship in a monthly book.

I have one criticism of this book. It’s a personal issue. For some reason, I can’t get into characters talking under water. It’s a weird issue that is probably only apparent to me, but I just can’t get past it. I’ve really enjoyed the stories as a whole, but this one aspect I can’t get past. I’m no scientist but I’m sure vocal chords don’t work when they’re full of water.

Now, I don’t know why I can suspend my disbelief that Atlantians can live underwater, or that mutants develop super powers at puberty or vampires can attack San Francisco, but I just can’t get past the talking underwater thing.

Having said that, I give Namor #6 three comic book nerds out of five. If talking under water doesn’t bother you, then give it another comic book nerd, because it really is a good story.

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