Podcast Episode 25: Dave “The Game”; Don’t Touch My Dice; Interview with Adam Levermore of Quantum Mechanix


Dave “The Game” from Critical Hits (http://critical-hits.com) stops by to talk about his site, how he got there, and a bit of his philosophy on the world of the dungeon master. Then the gang talks about why you should touch another gamer’s dice (without at least asking first). Also, Andrew interviews Adam Levermore, a design director at replica prop company Quantum Mechanix (http://qmxonline.com), about his career, where he’s going, and how you can get there, too.

Music by JD Short (http://bassdbler.com), theme song by Manny Jasus (http://farfromclose.com)

Run time: 1:25

Contains coarse or explicit language.

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