A Book Geek’s Paradise

Oh my god, you guys. I never had any desire to go to Buenos Aires until right this minute. And now I will surely drop right over and die if I don’t get there soon. Or maybe just throw a tantrum. Because, seriously, have you seen this?

That? That magnificent thing right there? That is a bookstore. I mean, I would move into my local Borders if I could, and get totally overwhelmed with book geekery when I am set loose in my local independent bookstore. But even the two of them together would pale in comparison to this. I saw it on boingboing, where it is explained that this awesome bibliomecca used to be a movie theater. I was actually thinking it looked like a church. But maybe that’s just because I think being there would be like my own personal religious experience.

Probably the only thing stopping me from booking a ticket right now is that I’m guessing the books are all in Spanish. Which I don’t speak. Yet.

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  1. Jeannie said on March 21, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    My All Time Favorite Job was working at Barnes & Noble. One of The BEST things about the job? We Could Check Out Books! We could check out just about any hardback book we wanted. And I checked out HELLA books! HELLA. for Realsies. Which helps to explain my book addiction now. Meh.

    If you move here, let us know. We will come with. And Danielle can translate the Spanish for us considering my vocabulary pertains primarily to baked goods and where to find them.

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